Vote August 30th DEMOCRAT
Irving “Irv” Slosberg Senate District # 31


--- Irv is Fighting For ---

  • Medical Marijuana: Many people suffering from diseases will benefit
  • Senior Citizens: Improved quality of life, alternative transportation
  • Education: Less testing, less bureaucracy, more funding & increasing teachers’ salaries
  • Road Safety: Tightening up DUI and no texting laws
  • ISRAEL: Supporting our best ally in the Middle East
  • Voters’ Rights: Easy access for all voters
  • Women’s Rights: Equal pay, woman’s right to choose
  • LGBTA Rights: Equality, autonomy and nondiscrimination protection
  • Protecting our environment
  • Regulating and certifying sober homes 

Irv is fighting for You!

Irv is Fighting Against:

  • Fracking in Florida
  • Overtesting our students
  • Exploitation of the elderly
  • Easy access to assault rifles
  • Polluting our environment
  • Government corruption

District 31 Map (click on map for a larger image)